COVID-19 Counselling Assistance Program

Feeling lonely or scared during the COVID-19 pandemic? We are here to help you !


Sewa Australia is ready to support you if you are in the need to talk to someone one. We are here to listen to your concerns. With the help of our expert panel we offer counseling, mindfulness and relaxation strategies through our family support and telehealth services.

Our services are open to all ages who are affected by COVID-19, Domestic Violence, and anyone else who needs support during this time.

With this concept in the forefront, SEWA Australia has been serving the community since 1996. SEWA started with migrant settlement services, addressing grief and loss, strengthening the family with early intervention, all of which made a practical difference in people’s everyday lives giving them a better chance to develop and plunge into the future, with confidence and newfound inner strength.

SEWA’s help and support are given in a manner so as not to undermine the dignity of the individual or family receiving the support. All personal information and matters are kept in confidentiality.

Phone Number: 0478 665 791