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SEWA - Selfless Service

SEWA Australia has been serving the Australian community since 1996. It is one of the few organisations which is fully driven by the volunteers.

With a focus to provide a healthy socio-economic environment to the families, Sewa Australia is intended at creating a violence and trauma free environment for children, young people and families as it plays a crucial role in the overall well being of the people.

SEWA Australia started with migrant settlement services, addressing grief and loss, strengthening the family with early intervention, all of which has made a practical difference in people’s everyday lives giving them a better chance to develop and plunge into the future, with confidence.

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The objectives of Sewa include :

Providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief:
responding to disasters and emergencies by providing emergency aid, shelter, and other essential supplies to those affected 

Community development:
running programs that aim to empower individuals and communities through education, training and support in areas such as health, education and economic  development 

Advocacy and awareness:
raising awareness about issues affecting the community and advocating for change at a local and national level

In accordance to the funds handling government regulations at the time, Sewa in Australia has been registered as two independent organisations since 2012. Sewa Australia Inc has been serving the community in Australia while Sewa International Australia has been serving communities outside of Australia.

Programs and Activities:

Sewa Australia Inc runs a range of programs and activities to support its mission and objectives. Someof the most significant programs include:

Disaster response and relief: responding to natural disasters and other emergencies by providing emergency aid and support to those affected. This includes providing shelter, food, water, and other essential supplies

Community development programs:
these programs aim to support community development and empowerment through programs focused on health,education, and economic development.

Youth engagement:
running youth leadership programs and other initiatives that aim to empower young people to become agents of positive change in their communities

Advocacy and awareness:
raising awareness about issues affecting the greater community and advocating for change at a local and national level 

Family Support Services

Family counselling support

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as an advocate for good.


Families positively impacted

1,390 +

Individual cases

16,367 +

Counselling hours

41,564 +

Kilometers travelled for counselling

Sewa Services

Our Services

Our mission is to serve the community by providing support during times of crisis and through ongoing community development programs. The organisation aims to empower individuals and communities to become self-sufficient and resilient.


Family Support services focus on enhancing and strengthening family relationships using holistic counselling and proven family therapies.


Sewa Australia intends to empower families by supporting Seniors wellbeing in the community and thus build a Sustainable society.


CYFJ provides a structured approach to new migrant job seekers to enable them in increasing their probability of ‘Cracking Their First Job’.