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Family Support Services

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SEWA Australia provides various family support services, including Holistic Counselling and Family therapy services.

These Family Support services majorly focus on enhancing and strengthening family relationships, improving self-awareness, better emotional and mental health by strengthening the relationship in a family leading to a healthy and happy family.

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Holistic Counselling

Family counselling support is a form of therapy that aims to improve communication and relationships between family members. It can be helpful in
addressing issues such as conflicts, parenting challenges, mental health issues, substance abuse, and life transitions. The primary goal of family counselling is to help families understand and cope with their problems in a healthy and constructive manner.

Types of Family Counselling
There are several types of family counselling support that can be helpful in addressing different issues. Some of the most common forms of family counselling include:

Structural Family Therapy – focuses on identifying and changing negative patterns of behaviour in families. It aims to create a more positive family
structure by addressing communication and power dynamics within the family.

Solution-focused Brief Therapy – aims to help families identify and build on their strengths to create positive changes. It is a short-term approach that
focuses on practical solutions rather than delving into the root causes of problems. 

Narrative Therapy – aims to help families create a new narrative or story about their lives that focuses on their strengths and positive qualities. It can be helpful
in addressing issues such as trauma, grief, and loss.

Benefits of Family Counselling

There are several benefits to family counselling support. Some of the most significant benefits include:

Improved communication – Family counselling can help family members learn to communicate more effectively, which can reduce conflict and improve relationships family members understand each others perspectives and experiences, which can foster empathy and compassion.

Increased self-awareness – Family counselling can help family members become more aware of their own behaviour and emotions, which can lead to personal growth and positive change 

Reduced stress – Family counselling can help families cope with stress and life challenges by providing support and guidance 

Family counselling support can be a valuable resource for families struggling with a variety of issues. It can help families improve communication, build stronger relationships, and navigate life’s
challenges more effectively. If you are considering family counselling, it is important to find a qualified therapist who can provide the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Family therapy

Everybody starts their journey with a family, and the family which we acquire when we are born influences every aspect of our lives, from our first moments to our last. 

All of us understand things differently, and we need to accept these different characteristics of each other to become a truly cohesive family. Our souls have been indifferent journeys and have accumulated characters that need to be self-reflected and acted upon. So this therapy is to self-reflect and supports our family in the most appropriate manner.

Our family affects who we are and who we will become, for better and worse. We imbibe our habits, customs, a ritual from our family, and it is the family which teaches us how to view and observe the world around us. 

Family therapy is a form of treatment that is designed to address specific issues affecting the health and normal functioning of a family. Family therapy can help a family through a difficult time, a major transition, or some mental and behavioural health issues in the family.

Family therapy offers families ways to develop and maintain a healthy and functional family.

Communication plays an important role in relations; family therapy facilitates cohesion and communication, which helps to resolve conflicts. Family therapy helps to develop and maintain healthy boundaries and helps the family members to build empathy and understanding.

Family Support Services

Family counselling support

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Our mission is to serve the community by providing support during times of crisis and through ongoing community development programs. The organisation aims to empower individuals and communities to become self-sufficient and resilient.


Family Support services focus on enhancing and strengthening family relationships using holistic counselling and proven family therapies.


Sewa Australia intends to empower families by supporting Seniors wellbeing in the community and thus build a Sustainable society.


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