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Positive Parenting

Children are one of the most beautiful creations in this world. Parenting plays a very important role in shaping the future of the child through proper nurturing and grooming. Parenthood is life-changing, and parenting is a philosophy that embraces that journey.

Sewa Australia helps new parents by providing them with an awareness of how their choices and actions are interconnected and how their actions will impact their health, well-being and environment.

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The Positive Parenting Program

The Positive Parenting Program (also known as Triple P) is a parenting intervention program that is designed to help parents develop positive parenting skills and strategies to manage common parenting challenges. The program was developed by Professor Matt Sanders, a clinical psychologist from the
University of Queensland, Australia.

Triple P is based on the idea that positive parenting can help children develop healthy emotional and behavioural patterns. The program aims to teach parents how to develop strong and positive relationships with their children while also providing them with the tools and strategies they need to manage common parenting challenges such as tantrums, aggression, and disobedience.

The program is delivered through a range of formats, including face-to-face sessions, group programs, online courses, and self-help resources. The program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each family.
The program’s strategies and techniques are based on research evidence and are designed to be practical and easy to implement. These strategies include positive reinforcement, praise, setting clear rules and boundaries, using consequences and rewards, and using effective communication techniques.

Benefits of Positive Parenting Program

Research has shown that the Triple P can be effective in improving parenting practices and reducing behavioural problems in children. The program has been used in a range of settings, including schools, hospitals, and community organisations, and has been adapted for use with families from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Triple P is a parenting intervention program designed to help parents develop positive parenting skills and strategies to manage common parenting challenges. The program’s evidence-based strategies and techniques are designed to be practical and easy to implement, and the program is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each family. With its focus on positive parenting, the program has the potential to improve the emotional and behavioural outcomes for children while also supporting parents to develop strong and positive relationships with their children.

Schooling System Awareness

Sewa Australia is dedicated to providing Schooling system awareness to parents by organising various discussions and workshops.

The main aim of these workshops is to provide insight to migrant parents about the education system. Many parents find it hard to make a choice between public and private schools, so these workshops and discussions can help them to find their answers.

Children spend most of their time at school, so whatever they learn at school and whatever they undergo at school has a great impact on shaping their personality. Bullying at school can impact the overall development of a child, so through various workshops, the parents are made aware of all these things, thereby making it easier for them to understand the problems being faced by the kids at school.

Peer pressure and teenage issues are some other topics of debate and discussion.

Like it or not, starting in adolescence, peers will play a major role in a child’s life.

While their influence is typically friendly- and frequently beneficial- peer pressure sometimes can also lead teenagers to make dumb, if not disastrous, decisions.

School System Awareness campaigns, discussions and debates are focused on providing parents with knowledge and strategies to help their kids to cope with such situations.

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