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Sewa Monthly Milan

Sewa Milan is a monthly fun-filled team empowerment event, which brings around families together. Events include team building games, activities, food and an incubation bay for new avenues where Sewa can step into.

Senior volunteers mentor new volunteers and share experiences to make volunteering fun. The ‘bring a family along’ concept helps to reach out new volunteers and serves to strengthen family bonding. Befrienders can bring impacted families and introduce them to family counsellors.

Annual family camp workshop is as well conducted,which is focused on improving family & Mental health well being. Annual family camp was started in 2015, ever since have made an huge impact to its volunteers as part of Karyakartha Nirman Varg (KNV).

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Our mission is to serve the community by providing support during times of crisis and through ongoing community development programs. The organisation aims to empower individuals and communities to become self-sufficient and resilient.


Family Support services focus on enhancing and strengthening family relationships using holistic counselling and proven family therapies.


Sewa Australia intends to empower families by supporting Seniors wellbeing in the community and thus build a Sustainable society.


CYFJ provides a structured approach to new migrant job seekers to enable them in increasing their probability of ‘Cracking Their First Job’.