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Since its inception in 1996-97, Sewa has focussed on to create awareness about the benefits of Blood donation and Bone marrow donor registry.

Till now, Sewa has organised over 75 blood donation drives and has donated more than 1000 units of blood.

Sewa’s Blood Donation and Bone Marrow Registry drive’s sole purpose is to work with Australian-Indian communities and other like-minded organizations to spread awareness on benefits of Blood Donation, use and need of blood and its components in Australia.

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Helping In Need

The need for blood and blood products is constant and there is always a demand for blood donors.Donating blood is a simple and painless process that takes only a short amount of time but has a significant impact on the community. When an individual donates blood, they are not only helping those in need, but they are also contributing to the overall health of the community. This is because blood donation helps to maintain a stable supply of blood and blood products, which is essential for various medical procedures
such as surgeries, cancer treatments and emergency care.

Sewa recognizes the importance of blood donation as a civic responsibility, and the organization strives to imbibe this responsibility within the community.
Through its blood donation and bone marrow registry drives, Sewa works with Australian-Indian communities and other like-minded organizations
to spread awareness about the benefits of blood donation, the use and need of blood and its components in Australia. By leading by example, SEWA encourages the community to participate in the blood donation process and contribute towards the health and well-being of those in need.

Community To Come Together

Sewa’s bi-annual mass blood donation drive is an excellent opportunity for members of the community to come together and contribute towards a common goal of saving lives. The drives are held across various Sewa Australia sites, making it convenient and accessible for individuals to participate. In addition to the blood donation drives, SEWA actively collaborates with various likeminded organizations to create awareness about blood and plasma donation across Australia.

Sewa’s partnership with HOTA (Hindu Organizations, Temples, and Associations) forum members or blood donation and bone marrow registry is an 29 excellent example of how community organizations can work together towards a common goal. By pooling resources and sharing knowledge, Sewa and HOTA have been able to create greater awareness about the importance of blood donation and bone marrow registry within the Australian-Indian community.

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Our mission is to serve the community by providing support during times of crisis and through ongoing community development programs. The organisation aims to empower individuals and communities to become self-sufficient and resilient.


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Sewa Australia intends to empower families by supporting Seniors wellbeing in the community and thus build a Sustainable society.


CYFJ provides a structured approach to new migrant job seekers to enable them in increasing their probability of ‘Cracking Their First Job’.