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Clean Up Australia

Clean up Australia is one of Sewa Australia’s family event. To create awareness among the people about general cleanliness and to contribute back to mother nature, Sewa Australia emphasises on mass participation for their Clean up drive.

Collaborating with Clean up Australia, Sewa celebrates World Environment Day with Community Clean-Up Activities which are Vital for Us and Our Children’s Future.As citizens of the world, we face unprecedented environmental challenges, including climate change, habitat destruction and pollution. 

Clean up Australia Day is scheduled across multiple locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and ACT.  The activities include fun games, garbage education for kids, clean up drives and to motivate the participants, certificates are given to all the participants.

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Educate the Childern

These events offer a unique opportunity to teach our children about the interconnectedness of all life forms and the impact of human activities on the environment. By involving them in litter picking, recycling and composting, and other activities, we can help them develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and empower them to take positive action.

Community clean-up activities offer many benefits beyond environmental education. They provide children with the opportunity to work together, communicate effectively, and develop a sense of community and teamwork. These skills are invaluable for their personal and social development and can be applied in all areas of life. In addition, involving children in environmental initiatives can be empowering. It gives them a sense of agency and allows them to make a positive contribution to the world around them. By participating in clean-up activities, children can see the impact of their actions and develop a sense of pride andaccomplishment.

Community Clean-up Activities

As parents and concerned citizens, initiatives like Sewa Australia’s collaboration with Clean Up Australia are crucial for our future. By instilling a sense of environmental responsibility at a young age, we can ensure that future generations are equipped to tackle the environmental challenges we face.

Of course, community clean-up activities alone are not enough to address the root causes of environmental degradation. We need comprehensive policies and collective action to address climate change, pollution and habitat destruction. However, these activities offer a vital starting point, particularly when educating and empowering our children.

Sewa continues to motivate parents, educators and community leaders to support initiatives like these to organise community clean-up activities. By involving our children in these events, we can help them develop a sense of environmental responsibility, teamwork, and community, while also empowering
them to take positive action for our planet’s future.

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